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About Sunshine & PowerCuts

Sunshine & PowerCuts Alternative Power

Sunshine & PowerCuts is powered by the Sun (aka Off-Grid)

Relying on the sun for power is something we humans have forgotten how to do.

And how we cope with the “PowerCuts” depends on our Wellness.

The aim of Sunshine & PowerCuts is to re-connect you with nature so that your wellness is once again powered by Nature.


What is Wellness?

“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

– The World Health Organization 

Wellness is our Quality of Life.

It is an active and dynamic process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. 

It is about Change & Growth.

A holistic focus and commitment to oursleves. 

Health, Wealth & Happiness

Our wellness determines how we ultimately feel, look, interact with others and thrive in life and work.

Embark on a wellness journey with Sunshine & PowerCuts.

Be inspired and [em]Powered by nature to make you a healthier and happier human-being, plus discovering your own effective methods for continued growth and development.

Behind the scenes:
Home is where the heart is.

Our home [pictured above] is completely Off-Grid.

Powered by a custom built system which currently consists of 12 solar panels, 16 batteries, a regulator, an inverter/charger and a back-up generator.

The decision to go Off-Grid came about in 2009 when we were building our home and found the cost to get traditional grid-tied power to site was excessive.

Researching solar power and alternative energy solutions was complex and time consuming.

We started with 1 solar panel, 1 battery and a small inverter – which didn’t power much…

We installed a wetback woodburner with an oven to heat the hot water, and give us the option of cooking.

Our kitchen features a free-standing full gas oven with gas hobs.

Off-Grid Life:
Having solar power means you rely on sunshine [photovoltaic rays – PV] to generate power.

The sunnier the weather – the more power you are able to generate.

The more solar panels you have, the more PV you are able to capture and harness.

The more batteries you have the more storage capacity for using power when the sun is not shining.

For the system to work well, there needs to be enough PV daily to fully charge the batteries as well as accommodate your power consumption.

Solar Power is often coined as “Alternative Power” and when one lives Off-Grid it is important to have more than one alternative way of generating power because you are at the mercy of the elements.

This reliance on nature to provide us with power is what led to Sunshine & PowerCuts.

It hasn’t been easy…


Seasonal Affective Disorder (aptly the acronym is S.A.D) is a very real struggle to cope with everyday life and comes about from the changing seasons, less daylight hours and the onset of depressive symptoms.

In order to combat S.A.D it is important to focus on your Wellness.

A Wellness journey is the process of searching for tools that are appropriate for you to help you stay in tune with yourself, your health and your well-being.

Committing to your Wellness journey is making and taking Intentional Daily Actions to tune in with yourself and utilising tools to celebrate and support you throughout the day.

“Seasons are like life.
Some seasons are better than others.
Some have more sun and rainbows.
Others have storms and tornadoes.
Some have both.
You have to accept that,
And bring colour and light to the season you’re in
As best you can,
And always look forward to the next season.”
— Cathy Lamb —


Sunshine is light, heat and power.

It enables the plants to grow and synchronizes our body clocks.

When we are in-sync with natural daylight rhthyms and we connect with nature on a daily basis, we fuel our body, mind and spirit with fulfilling and sustainable natural energy.

Being out amongst nature has the power to reduce stress, and instill calm.

When you take time to stop, observe and listen to the world breathe and live, you will draw energy from nature and recharge your soul.


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